Well made Affordable Glasses



I’ve just had a lovely phone call from one of my customers who called to reorder.  “I do love your glasses” she told me, “The next nearest alternative for me is £100 or thereabouts”.   Well Thank You, I said, it is important, I think,  to have well made affordable glasses available to the public.  Quite a lot of my customers come to me to reorder because their glasses have been left at the hairdressers, on a plane, train or just plain sat on.  It would be a costly do if you had to replace them at £100.00 a pop.  “Not only that” she continued, “They look like I’ve paid £100.00 for them!”  Here’s the link on her purchase.  https://worldofglasses.co.uk/shop/strong-reading-glasses-cateracts/


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