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    With lots to choose from, we can offer you glasses cases and pouches for just about every size of frame, from reading glasses to chunky framed sports glasses.  Our large sunglasses transparent cases double up as a valuables holder on the beach and our snap top pouches are a great alternative mobile phone case.  We’ve thought about everything, even cases for the little ones which hold their sunglasses or prescription glasses.  Have a look and see.

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      • Fit: Small
      • Pop Top
      • Vibrant Colours
      • 155mm x 60mm x 30mm

      This Small and Slim Transparent Childrens Glasses Case will keep small glasses safe. 

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      • Fit: Medium to Large
      • Zipper Close
      • Belt Clip
      • Rigid Case
      • 6.25″ x 2.25″
      • Sturdy Shower Proof Case

      Hard Sports Glasses Case.  If you own glasses, you should own one of these. In a sturdy shower proof case your glasses will be protected from all weathers.  Use on holiday, on the beach or whilst doing a myriad of sports.  With a handy clip to fasten to your belt or bag, you’ll always know where they are.

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      • Washers, screws, nuts
      • Handy Mini Screw Driver
      • All that’s needed for a home repair
      • Cost Effective
      • Don’t Throw Them Away!

      This Glasses Sunglasses Repair Kit is a tiny packet of magic every self respecting spectacle wearer should own.

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    • Our fabulous range of deep glasses cases which gives a choice for everyone.  Perfect for glasses or sunglasses.

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    • Rub the lens on both sides 8 to 10 times with the cloth
      Store in the sealed plastic bag provided after use
      Lasts 8 to 12 hours after use
      This one cloth can be used 200 + times
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      • Fit: Medium to Large Frame
      • Velcro Shut
      • Belt Clip
      • Soft Malleable Case Felt Lined
      • 165mm x 70mm x 45mm

      Soft Sports Glasses Pouch.  If you own glasses, you should own one of these.  Soft malleable and felt lined these lovely cases are great for handbags, pockets and the car. If you’ve removed your glasses these cases can easily fit into a pocket for easy storage and they have a handy belt clip to clip them to a bag or belt.

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    Showing all 8 results