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    Glasses related accessories for everything we can’t fit into another category.  Repair kits, screws, nuts, and spare nose pieces.  Everything you may need for a home repair on the set of sunglasses you’ve popped to the back of your rubbish drawer.  This kit contains a little screw driver on a handy key chain too.

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      • Washers, screws, nuts
      • Handy Mini Screw Driver
      • All that’s needed for a home repair
      • Cost Effective
      • Don’t Throw Them Away!

      This Glasses Sunglasses Repair Kit is a tiny packet of magic every self respecting spectacle wearer should own.

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    • I Shine Lens Cleaner in a 25ml handy spray bottle.  It’s Anti Static, Anti Fog and Polycarb Safe.

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    • Rub the lens on both sides 8 to 10 times with the cloth
      Store in the sealed plastic bag provided after use
      Lasts 8 to 12 hours after use
      This one cloth can be used 200 + times
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    Showing all 3 results