Unique Christmas Present Ideas

STOCKING FILLERS FOR SPEC WEARERS! Okay, maybe not the “go to” present this year but we’ve got some really great handmade chains that make such lovely gifts and will be a fantastic and ALL CLOSE MAIN PIC webunique Christmas present. On top of that we’ve got sporting bandeaus that keep your specs on your head during activities such as bike riding and footy. Have a look and see whether anything we sell will make an unusual gift for your loved one.

Eye Allergy Sufferers

Spring and Autumn mark the time that all us Allergy mongers suffer. Here are 8 Great Tips For Eye Allergy Sufferers

1)Get an early start. See your eye doctor before allergy season begins to learn how to reduce your sensitivity to allergens.
2)Try to avoid or limit your exposure to the primary causes of your eye allergies. In the spring and summer, pollen from trees and grasses are the usual suspects. Ragweed pollen is the biggest culprit in late summer and autumn. Mold, dust mites and pet dander are common indoor allergens during winter.
3)Protect your eyes from airborne allergens outdoors by wearing wraparound-style sunglasses. https://worldofglasses.co.uk/product-ca…/fitover-sun-shields/
4)Don’t rub your eyes if they itch! Eye rubbing releases more histamine and makes your allergy symptoms worse.
5)Use plenty of artificial tears to wash airborne allergens from your eyes. Ask your eye doctor which brands are best for you.
6)Cut down your contact lens wear or switch to daily disposable lenses to reduce the build-up of allergens on your lenses.
7)Shower before bedtime and gently clean your eyelids to remove any pollen that could cause irritation while you sleep.
8)Consider purchasing an air purifier for your home, and purchase an allergen-trapping filter for your heating/cooling system.


Phew!! It’s been the hottest day of the year, so I guess it stands to reason that it would be our busiest.  Thanks for all your orders folks and long may the sunshine continue!1

Well made Affordable Glasses



I’ve just had a lovely phone call from one of my customers who called to reorder.  “I do love your glasses” she told me, “The next nearest alternative for me is £100 or thereabouts”.   Well Thank You, I said, it is important, I think,  to have well made affordable glasses available to the public.  Quite a lot of my customers come to me to reorder because their glasses have been left at the hairdressers, on a plane, train or just plain sat on.  It would be a costly do if you had to replace them at £100.00 a pop.  “Not only that” she continued, “They look like I’ve paid £100.00 for them!”  Here’s the link on her purchase.  https://worldofglasses.co.uk/shop/strong-reading-glasses-cateracts/


On Yer Bike! – Get out Cycling this Summer


As we say in Yorkshire…On Yer Bike! – And get out cycling this summer.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your vision is at it’s optimum when you’re on the road.  If your distance vision is great but you can’t see close to, these cycling bifocal glasses may be just the thing for you.  One of our best sellers, the tan lens means they’re great for cloudy and overcast days as well as in bright sunlight and they give you total wrap around 100% UV Protection.  You can find these and many more sports related eyewear suggestions by clicking here.  The features include:

  • Wrap Protection
  • 100% UV Protection for prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Enhanced view of data on GPRS, Garmin, HR/GPRS Watches
  • Polycarbonate Frame
  • Moulded Adjustable Nosepiece
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Available in +1.5 to +3.0 strengths in .50 increments
  • Available in Black and Tan Lens Colours

Here’s a guide to the Lens Tints on these glasses.

dark amber lenses, copper lenses, brown lenses
Dark amber, copper or brown
(Includes melanin lenses.)
Blocks high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies.

Sports: baseball, cycling, fishing (especially in waters with grassy bottoms), golf, hunting, skiing, water sports.


Big Improvements

We’ve been working very hard over the past few weeks with some big improvements to give you a site that is informative, easy to navigate and interesting.  We’ve also upgraded all our internal stock systems and systems in our packaging department ultimately to give you a smoother service. We hope you like what we’ve done.  BIG Thanks go to our developer, Tom McCann of www.godevelop.co.uk who has walked us through this almost seamlessly.  We couldn’t have done it without you Tom.  Please visit us and see what we’ve done.  You can click on the website tab or click our website link here. www.worldofglasses.co.uk

It’s nice to be nice

We’ve had a great review day today.  Our customers have left some wonderful comments about our products on the website.  So thank you all, this post is just to let you all know how much these reviews are appreciated.  It’s nice to be nice.