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    Smokey Clear Bifocal Glasses




    • Polycarbonate Resistant Frame
    • Curvature for maximum wrap around fit
    • UV Protected Lenses BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013
    • Filter Category 0 (clear glasses)
    • Integral Bifocal Reading Lens
    • Shatter resistant and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
    • Available in +1.0 to +3.0 strengths in .50 increments
    • Weight: 2 oz (60 grams)
    • Unisex
    • Suitable for Sports or Workplace
    • Tested to BS EN 14139:2010

    These fabulous Clear Wrap and Protect Bifocal Sunglasses will give you protection whilst working outdoors.

    It is important to know that not all lenses provide complete protection. One has to check the glasses’ quality and provenience to be sure to have the right protection. Five categories are defined, for coloured, photochromatic and sunglasses lenses. Each category corresponds to a minimum level of UV protection. The wearer must verify the pertaining category and indications for use.

    • CAT 0 (transparent or slightly coloured lenses)- [80-100% transmission] Use: Inside or overcast skies.
    • CAT 1 (Slightly coloured lenses) – [43-80% transmission] Use: hazy sunshine.
    • CAT 2 (Medium coloured lenses) – [18-43% transmission] Use: medium sunshine.
    • CAT 3 (Dark lenses) – [8-18% transmission] Use: Strong sunshine.
    • CAT 4 (Very dark lenses) – [3-8% transmission] Use: Intense sunshine, lenses not to be used on the road, including driving..

    Glasses marked CE, according to the European norm, are suitable for a correct eye protection. However, there are cases where additional protection is required. These glasses are made from Polycarbonate and are impact resistant.

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    • Fit the rubber ends to your glasses and adjust to fit around your head.  Perfect for adults and children alike this will keep your glasses stable whilst doing any high impact activity or sport.
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      • Fit: Medium to Large Frame
      • Velcro Shut
      • Belt Clip
      • Soft Malleable Case Felt Lined
      • 165mm x 70mm x 45mm

      Soft Sports Glasses Pouch.  If you own glasses, you should own one of these.  Soft malleable and felt lined these lovely cases are great for handbags, pockets and the car. If you’ve removed your glasses these cases can easily fit into a pocket for easy storage and they have a handy belt clip to clip them to a bag or belt.

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