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    Genoa Lilac Bifocal Reading Glasses


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    • UV Protection BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013
    • Multi-Coloured Polycarbonate Frame
    • Moulded Nosepiece
    • Unusual Pretty Design with flowered arm detailing
    • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant acrylic lenses
    • Available in +1.25 to +4.00 strengths in .25 increments
    • Tested to BS EN 14139:2010

    The Genoa is so popular, it’s just such a pretty frame. In a lilac come pink hue it has flowered arm detail which is quite striking.   They’re well made affordable glasses with a fully sprung hinge mechanism and UV Protected Lenses. The bifocal reading glasses lens will allow you to view normally for distance at the top, whilst a discreet integral bifocal section will give you magnified viewing at the bottom.  Smart stuff!

    European Law requires all sunglasses and glass lenses to be impact-resistant. If you play sports or wear glasses on the job, you might want to consider ultra-impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses for even greater eye safety.

    Flat-top or D segment bifocal eyeglass lens

    This diagram shows you how they work, so how could they work for you?  Think shopping, reading labels, watching television whilst reading your tablet or phone, driving whilst still be able to see the dashboard or sports wise you can run whilst seeing your arm data, cycle whilst reading your garmin, fish whilst still being able to tie flies…. in honesty there’s a million different uses for a decent pair of these glasses and you’ve so much choice here that we’re sure you’ll find the right pair for you.





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