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  • On Trend Geek Style
  • Full 100% UV Protection
  • High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Moulded nose piece
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Available in +1.25 to +3.75 strengths in .25 increments
  • Available in Black and Tortoiseshell

Lightweight and stylish these keyhole bifocal sunglasses with graduated lenses will let you focus on the detail.  The top half is unmagnified whilst a bottom section gives you the reading strength of your choice.  Clever eh!

What are my options to prevent UV damage to my eyes?

You must wear sunglasses to prevent damage to your eyes. While some contact lenses provide UV protection, they don’t cover your whole eye, so you still need sunglasses.

Look for sunglasses that protect you from 99 to 100 percent of UV  light.

When do UV rays affect my eyes?

Most people think that they’re at risk only when they’re outside on a sunny day, but UV light can go right through clouds, so it doesn’t matter if the sky is overcast. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 am and 2 pm.

Glare and reflections can give you trouble, so have your sunglasses ready if you’ll be around snow, water or sand, or if you’ll be driving (windshields are a big glare source).

The following put you at additional risk: sunlamps, tanning beds and parlors, photo sensitizing drugs and living at high altitudes or near the equator.

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