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    Often overlooked in your childs arsenal of protection are sunglasses. Keep your childs eyes protected  with these Childrens Wayfarer Sunglasses.

    Because children tend to spend more time outdoors than most adults, some experts say nearly half of a person’s lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation can take place by age 18. (Other research cited by The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests the amount of lifetime exposure to UV radiation sustained by age 18 is less than 25 percent.) Also, children are more susceptible to damage to the light-sensitive retina at the back of the eye from UV rays because the lens inside a child’s eye is less capable of blocking UV than an adult lens, enabling more of this harmful radiation to penetrate deep into the eye. And nearly all high-energy blue light reaches the retinas of children and adults alike, because the cornea and lens of the human eye are not capable of absorbing these rays, which have been shown to damage photosensitive cells of the retina in laboratory studies.

    These factors make it very important for all children, even infants, to wear UV- and HEV-blocking sunglasses anytime they are outdoors in daylight hours. This is true even on cloudy and overcast days, because most UV rays (which are invisible) and some HEV rays can penetrate cloud cover. By investing in children’s sunglasses, you are helping your kids enjoy a lifetime of good vision. You don’t have to spend a lot to get high-quality sunglasses for your kids. Shown here is the Way Out Wayfarer in the Collection by World of Glasses.

    UVA is lower-energy ultraviolet radiation that can penetrate skin and eyes more deeply. UVA rays tan your skin, but they also cause your skin to wrinkle and show other signs of “photo-aging.” And because UVA rays can penetrate the eye, they have been implicated in the development of both cataracts and macular degeneration.

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